Toddler shreds slopes on snowboard for first birthday

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In tending news, little Cash Rowley took to the Idaho slopes just days before celebrating her first birthday. From the looks of things, she's a natural. Cash's parents bought her a pint-sized snowboard just weeks after she was born. They spent her first year training her right in their living room. When it was finally time to hit the bunny hill, Cash made her parents proud.

Also trending, new prosthetic technology makes it possible for one amputee to play the piano. It uses ultrasonic sensors, connected to his remaining muscles, that detect impulses. The information is used to predict which fingers Jason is trying to move. This allows Jason to control each prosthetic finger individually. As if all this wasn't cool enough, the tech was loosely inspired by Luke Skywalker's bionic hand from "The Empire Strikes Back."

And speaking of Star wars, a San Antonio man has finished a tricked-out Christmas light display with a Star Wars theme. Matt Johnson and his family are known for their elaborate displays. In 2015 Johnson had to shut one down at his own home because it caused too much traffic congestion. This year, Johnson's display of more than 15 thousand lights set to music is at a friend's house in a less congested area across from a San Antonio park, where people can gather to watch the show.