Top pit masters in the country visit Texas A&M's Camp Brisket

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- Everything is bigger and better in Texas, especially the food at Texas A&M and Foodways Texas 6th annual Camp Brisket.

The event explores one of Texas' biggest best-known delicacies, beef brisket.

"Texas BBQ is such a hot thing these days and people just want to learn more and more about it," said Jeff Savell, a professor at Texas A&M's Animal Science center.

Camp Brisket brought in pit masters and backyard griller's from all over the State of Texas to learn the science and art of cooking the perfect brisket.

"Beef is important in Texas BBQ and of the cuts in beef the brisket is the key one," said Savell.

During the event, more than 60 participants learned the science of smoke, differences between wood, how to burn a clean fire and everything in between to make sure the brisket is tender and cooked to perfection.

Even for the most experienced pit masters, like Ms. Tootsie, a pit master from Snow BBQ, which was recently named as the 'Best BBQ in Texas', it takes some special ingredients to make the perfect brisket.

"It takes patience plus time and tender loving care," said Ms. Tootsie Tomanetz.

Homer Robertson, the reigning 'World Champion Chuck Wagon Cook', served up a special breakfast served in the style of the 1800's.

"You know the chuck wagon was the original food truck and something I get to enjoy getting out doing meet some awesome people and you're involved with food," said Robertson.

In Texas, everything is bigger, better and juicier, especially the food.

"Food is so important to us but I think BBQ brings us to a real social setting, so that's a lot of fun," said Savell.