Tornado leaves devastation in Wheeler Ridge neighborhood

Published: May. 26, 2016 at 10:26 PM CDT
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While checking out new technology at the Brazos County Sheriff's Office, storms broke loose.

Authorities watched live from cameras on their units as officers on patrol responded to the aftermath of a tornado.

It was a frightening day for many, especially for mother of three, Christy Wilson.

"I grabbed my three-year-old son out of his crib as I saw a lot of debris and trees hitting his window," said Wilson.

Hannah Hanson, a resident of Wheeler Ridge, says after learning the extent of the damage to the neighborhood, she immediately went to check on her home.

"All the front glass in the front of the house is broken. Some metal inside the house through the windows, the glass door and front door was broken,” said Hanson.

The damage to Hanson’s house was minimal compared to some. There were homes that we completely destroyed. One house was reduced to a single wall and a pile of rubble.

Wilson lives across from that home, and says that before the storm, she was sitting on her porch. Mother Nature gave her a signal that she needed to move quickly.

"By the time we were in the bathroom and safe, that's actually when we got the warning on our phones, so I’m really grateful that we actually heard it to get to safety,” said Wilson.

Clean up is already underway, with many neighbors lending a hand to those who lost the most.

"They said no power for four-to-five days. I don't know how true that is, so we'll just go stay with family,” said Hanson.

Many people told us that they have seen tornado damage on television, but never imagined they would see the path of devastation in their own community.

"It's weird having glass all in your house and everything torn up. That's kind of a sickening feeling," said Hanson.