Cell phone video shows moment tornado touches down in Bryan

Snapshot from video courtesty of Currie Smith
Snapshot from video courtesty of Currie Smith(KBTX)
Published: May. 27, 2016 at 1:27 PM CDT
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A Bryan resident was able to capture the dramatic moment a tornado passed through his neighborhood on Thursday.

Currie Smith was at his home on Cheyenne Street in the Wheeler Ridge community, one of the hardest hit streets, when the tornado rolled through.

Smith says he was in his home when he heard what "sounded like a freight train."

He used his phone to record the tornado from his front porch until he saw his neighbor's fence fly by him.

He says he was not scared of the tornado and was surprised to see other videos showing just how large the tornado actually was.

Videos like the one taken by Jonathan Young. He was on the clock at Sterling Auto Group when he watched the tornado make its way down the feeder road off of Highway 6.

"It was kind of an adrenaline type moment. I'd never been that close to one or seen one that big before," said Young.

Both Young and Smith caught various power flashes on their videos.

Their footage have gone viral on social media since posting.