Tree stumps being turned into Aggie art

Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 3:29 PM CDT
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Aggie fans are already checking out some new art near campus.

A woodcarver from the Lubbock area has been in town this week turning tree stumps into some Aggie-themed art.

They were finishing up a tree stump carving at a home on Aberdeen Place Tuesday.

The tree had died after the 2011 drought and the homeowners wanted to do something special.

The artist Cam Dockery, of Whitharral, Tex., has been doing wood carvings for 19 years and does this as his job.

"What I usually do is I start out with a tree stump and I start at the top which is you know some people don't know that part. But start at the top and just work your way down. I use big saws and then you know progressively get down to smaller saws as I go," said Dockery of Bearly Making It Chainsaw Carvings.

"So we had three beautiful post oak trees easily over 75-years-old but we really wanted to leave a legacy for them whenever there was a post oak decline in South Central Texas," said Grace Leis, a Texas A&M Student who lives at the home.

Dockery is also carving one more tree in the back yard.