Jazzy toddler goes viral for trumpeting skills

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In trending news this morning, a jazzy toddler goes viral, a rescued chimp get the ride of his life, and bears see sunlight after winter hibernation.

First up, 1-year-old Boone Anthony melted hearts in New Orleans recently when he gave a professional brass band a run for their money. The toddler, who turns two in April, can be seen playing a children's trumpet with the Where Ya At Brass Band in Jackson Square. Boone's mother shared the video on Facebook, which has been viewed 5.8 million times in just over a week.

Also trending, Mussa, a baby chimpanzee rescued from poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, appeared to be making the most of his flight to his new home, a primate rehabilitation center in the east of the country. Mussa made a good co-pilot by helping anti-poaching pilot, Anthony Caere, adjust the plane throttle during the flight.

The two quickly became friends and enjoyed the views together. Mussa was taken to the Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary in South Kivu, where he was met by staff upon arrival.

Lastly, Bears at the Korkesaari Zoo in Finland emerged from hibernation Thursday. Zoo officials said that the bears were 16 and 11-year-old female bruins.

The cold did not seem to deter the bears from venturing out of their cozy retreats. Zookeepers explained that the animals were lured outside by the increased light more than anything else.