Twitter users now have double the space to tweet

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In trending news this morning, Twitter doubles its character limit and ranch dressing can now be bought in a keg!

First up, for more than a decade we've been limited to just 140 characters on Twitter, but now the social media platform has decided we need more words! Over the past month twitter began allowing some users to use 280 characters in their tweets and yesterday, the platform expanded message length for pretty much everyone! It's an attempt to recharge user growth.

Some people are taking the twitter itself to rant about the new change. Donald Trump Jr. called the former 140 count an "art form."

Also trending, if you just can't get enough ranch dressing, here's a fix to keep the party going...A keg full of it! A food web site called 'Flavour Gallery' is selling a five liter mini keg, which includes a year's supply of Hidden Valley Ranch.

The site says the keg is lined with a special FDA-approved coating that will keep the ranch tasting fresh. The keg will cost you 50 bucks. You can pre-order now and shipping begins on December 11.