Two culturally different churches join to worship as one

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Rivergate Church in Bryan shared a mass with Lily of the Valley Church Sunday, bringing two different cultures together to worship as one.

"Get out of our cultural comfort zones a little bit, and mix and mingle a little bit,” said Rivergate Church Pastor Chris Liotta.

The day wasn’t just a day of praise, but a day of celebrating diversity.

"Culturally speaking, our church would probably be considered predominantly white,” said Pastor Liotta, “We've become really good friends with Pastor Green over at Lily of The Valley, and they're a predominantly black church. So we said, ‘Hey you come into our location and join forces’.”

Bishop Maurice Green Jr. says Sunday’s celebration was to show what a real church should look like.

"Dropping all kinds of boundaries, all kinds of divisions, just getting to know each other, loving on each other, showing the love of God that is in us,” said Bishop Green.

Pastor Liotta says that diversity should be celebrated every day.

"Until the noise that says we still have these problems and should be having these problems and all this anger, till that noise doesn't make sense anymore,” said Pastor Liotta, “Because there is too much love too much unity, too much generosity going around.”

Both Pastor's hope Sunday’s service sparked a fire of change not just within their congregations, but in the community as well.

"Show people the joy of doing things together as the body of Christ, and maybe somebody else will catch on, somebody else will catch on," said Bishop Green

After Sunday’s joint service, the leaders of these churches say they want to start having race talks, in hopes of keeping a conversation going about diversity and understanding.