Two men arrested for aggravated robbery of Lucky Mart

Published: Sep. 3, 2016 at 5:44 PM CDT
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Two men are in jail after police say they robbed the Lucky Mart on Woodville Drive in Bryan.

According to police, Andre Walker (left) and Kaynaedrick Wheaton (right) attacked a man and tried to steal cash from the store using a B-B gun.

Late Friday, a Lucky Mart employee said he closed the store and locked it. As he got into his car, he said he was approached by the men and attacked.

He said they pulled him from his car, hit him, and asked for money.

The robbers had him unlock the door to the store, which then set off the alarm.

When the cops arrived, the men ran away, one carrying a trash can filled with cash.

Police eventually caught up with the two men not far from the store. They are being held on a fifty thousand dollar bond.