UIL to require physicals for students in marching band

If your student is participating in marching band this year, he or she will need a physical or medical history.

The new rule from the University Interscholastic League goes into effect this year. But for College Station ISD, the UIL rule change doesn't mean much: that district has been requiring physicals for band students for years.

"Our first priority is the safety of our students," said Eric Eaks, director of fine arts for the CSISD. "High school marching band is an incredibly hot, physical environment for the students to be a part of, so we value safety first and foremost."

Steve Fry is the band director at A&M Consolidated High School. His team is always watching for signs of physical distress in band members, and he says, it helps to know that they don't have any pre-existing conditions.

"Oh mercy, there's a lot of physical activity that goes into it," said Fry. "Running, walking at a very quick pace, and sometimes they do this for two, three, four minutes on end, without taking a break."

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