'4141' train engine will carry President Bush to College Station

Published: Dec. 2, 2018 at 9:18 PM CST
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For the first time in nearly 50 years, a president will be carried by train for his funeral.

The '4141' locomotive will pull President George H.W. Bush's funeral car from his funeral in Houston to his burial in College Station. The special train engine was a gift from Union Pacific in 2005.

On Thursday, the president and his family will board the train at the Union Pacific Westfield Auto Facility in Spring. Then, they will travel northwest through Montgomery, Grimes and Brazos County. The rail line will come into College Station through Navasota and along Wellborn Road.

To see the route, please click on the attached document.

The train will stop on the tracks near Kyle Field around 3:25 p.m. The president and his family will exit the train cars and travel up George Bush Drive to the library. The graveside burial is only for family.

When the '4141' engine was unveiled in 2005, it was only the sixth

time that Union Pacific painted a locomotive in colors other than the traditional UP “Armour Yellow” paint. The custom-painted locomotive incorporates the colors of Air Force One used during Mr. Bush’s presidency. It bears the number 4141 in honor of the 41st president. According to UP, the locomotive’s rear panel features elements from Air Force One’s wings and tail, including the American flag and sweeping lines of forward motion representing progress.

"Their plan when the unfortunate day comes is to use it to pull Mr. Bush's funeral train from Houston to College Station and that will be the first time a president, a presidential funeral train happens since 1969. Dwight Eisenhower was the last one to have a funeral train and so Mr. Bush will be you know almost 50 years later," said Robert Holzweiss, George Bush Presidential Library Deputy Director.

Since production, the UP No. 4141 George Bush Locomotive has delivered shipments across all 23 states served by Union Pacific.

Communities along the Presidential train route

Todd Mission
College Station