Vandal damages home, cars and property in Bryan

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A Bryan man is frustrated after someone caused thousands of dollars in damage spray painting his cars, home and property. Vulgar messages were also left.

This happened early Wednesday morning on Bittle Lane.

"They sprayed all over my vehicles. This area here, I wiped most of it off, but some of it I can’t get off. It’s in the creases," said J.C. Lister.

While everyone in the neighborhood can notice it, Lister can't.

"I'm partially blind. I'm blind in my right eye from glaucoma," he said.

"I woke up. I heard my camera go off and I come outside this guy was spraying my fence, sprayed my vehicles and took off running. It was substantial amount of damage to my property and the police did come and respond," said Lister.

He does have a surveillance camera to keep an eye on his property, but he had to replace it after the vandals destroyed it. The camera was also covered in paint.

"This tree was given to me by my mom as she passed away. I planted it and nurtured it and they painted it they don't know the tree is very special to me," he said.

Lister and his wife will plan to clean up the mess. There were more orange paint messages in several parts of the street and another home had it in their driveway. The woman there said she also noticed it early Wednesday morning, but was unaware her neighbor had significant damage.

Bryan police said it's an isolated case. In a year's time they say there have been around 27 disturbances on this street. Lister worries if it will happen again.

"I'm not going to speculate on who done it. Somebody in this area know who done it and they should come forward," he said.

“They caused about $5,000 worth of damage to these to my property," said Lister. "I hope that the law enforcement agencies do everything they can to put up a reward with Crimestoppers or whatever the have to solve this crime," said Lister.

Bryan police said things like neighborhood watches are a great way to cut down on crime. Authorities added there have been five criminal mischief calls in the Bittle Lane area in a year's time. Their Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer is looking into recent calls.

If you have information on the vandalism you can call police at (979) 209-5300.