Vehicles flooded by hurricane being stored at Texas World Speedway

Published: Sep. 14, 2017 at 5:43 PM CDT
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Thousands of flooded vehicles are being hauled to the Texas World Speedway south of College Station.

The plan is to store them there as Houston and the Gulf Coast clean up after Hurricane Harvey.

Insurance companies need time and an area to work on claims.

Thirty-thousand cars are expected to come to College Station temporarily.

Luke Bradicich has had a front row seat to the truck traffic for more than a week. His roofing business is across the street.

"It's really going to show everybody how they can come together in a time of need like this," he said.

Some of the cars have obvious signs of damage. While others not so much. We're told they could be here for up to six months, possibly a year.

"It's not a salvage yard. They're not going to do any salvage or anything to those vehicles other than store them until the titles get cleared up, and then they'll go to wherever their final destination is," said Duane Peters, Brazos County Judge.

Peters says the speedway's owner got in touch with them about the plans.

He's not worried about any environmental concerns since the cars will be just sitting there.

"There's not going to be anything, I don't believe, happening there that would cause an environmental problem, so I think it's a good operation," said Peters.

Security is also tight. Only tow trucks and insurance agents are allowed in. The speedway owners would only provide photos of what it currently looks like inside.

The speedway's president says they are leasing the land, but not managing the vehicles. It's unclear where all cars will end up, or if some will be salvageable.

The trucks have made runs even late into the night, according to Paige Jackson, who works across the street.

"It's been heartbreaking to see the cars because you can actually see the dirt and water residue all the way up from the top of the vehicles. It's just real sad to see how much everybody has lost from Harvey," said Jackson, who works at Brazos Valley Landscape.

The President of Texas World Speedway Bill Mather says other sites around the region are also being used to store the damaged vehicles.

He also says it's not bad for the local economy, with insurance agents, tow truck drivers and others coming here and spending money.

If you do plan on buying a used car in the coming months it's recommended you do your homework. It's not known yet if any of these cars can be salvaged.