Veteran creates artwork with military uniforms to honor armed forces

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) -- A new art exhibit at Texas A&M honors the sacrifices made by those who serve in the United States military.

Artist Jenn Hassin said that September 11, 2001, is what inspired her to join the Air Force. Her latest installation uses retired military uniforms turned into paper spirals to showcase the different impacts on one life.

"These spirals are a symbol of life and death, beginning to end. It's all the people that impact this person's life and they make these portraits in an essence that represents every one of these people," Hassin said.

Tightly bound and glued together, the coils of Hassin's work reflect the service of our military.

"I think for our country, this idea that we are united; that we are all essentially the same is really important. This exhibit is helping us understand that," said Felice House, a professor at Texas A&M University.

Every piece of material was deconstructed from used military uniforms to create a sheet of paper. Written on each sheet is a message of positivity for the patriots of our nation.

"They always wear their uniform with respect, with pride, with honor. And to make work on 9/11, on Patriot's Day, that honors them and honors that respect, it's important that it's on today, but that it's on campus at Texas A&M with student body that are learning to be adults and how to be leaders," Hassin said.

The exhibit 'Respect' pairs seamlessly with the core values of Texas A&M. Students are spreading the message that honor and respect are at the center of this campus.

"It's not just about the veteran that's wearing the uniform, but it's also about the lives that they impact and having respect for the fact that they are serving and the sacrifices that everybody across the board are making. That service member is a husband, or a wife, or a mother or a father, or friend, a loved one," Hassin said.

All of the new messages hung at the exhibit will be collected and put into a new piece that's inspired by the students at Texas A&M. Hassin’s ‘Respect’ piece will be on display at the Wright Gallery until October 12.