Veterans Park to reopen this weekend

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Veterans Park will be reopening this weekend. While visitors will be free to walk around and enjoy the park, the athletic fields will remain closed.

Practices will be allowed to be held at the park starting May 31 and competitions may begin on June 15. David Schmitz is the Director of Parks and Recreation for College Station. He says there has been no shortage of interest from the public in the park’s reopening.

“We have had a lot of requests to reopen the facility for people to just go and enjoy walking around. We have a really fantastic memorial there and I know it'd be great to have people to be able to go out and enjoy that,” said Schmitz.

Dina Miller says she has been attending parks during the pandemic. She believes that under the right precautions the reopening of parks can be a good thing.

“It might be a little too soon but maybe kind of having regulations on capacity [and] having people check, which might kind of hard, … it's a good idea. Kids need to run out their energy," said Miller.

Schmitz said he is hopeful activities held in the parks are rescheduled, as opposed to canceled to keep from further negatively impacting the Parks and Recreation Department’s budget.