Veterans pack up gifts for Brazos Valley service members

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) -- Many people are already flooding the stores and checking items off of their holiday shopping list. While most of us are buying gifts for our loved ones, there’s a group of veterans making sure the men and women serving our country get gifts, too.

“I went three overseas assignments and never got one package so I know it’ll be nice to receive something,” said veteran Tom Rosedahl.

Rosedahl is making sure troops now don’t ever go without a “thank you”.

“It’s just nice to know that your service is being appreciated,” Rosedahl said.

This month, six boxes are packed up and sent to service members from the Brazos Valley. Most of the items are things we take for granted but are tough to come by halfway around the world.

“Hopefully to make their life a little easier,” said veteran John Hince. “They get things that are helpful whether it be makeup remover for females or snacks that they might not have access to, but I think most importantly, it offers a touch of home to those men and women who are deployed.”

Hince says care packages typically come from family, but it makes a world of a difference when a stranger sends them a gift from home.

“It’s going to let them know there are people here who care about them and take the time to put together items that will make their life a little better,” Hince said.

Inside the box is a small part of the Brazos Valley to keep with them where ever they go.
The American LEGION Post 159 packs up gifts every month, and they’re always looking for names of more servicemen and women to send packages to.

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