Vigil held for local homeless

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BRYAN - A special candlelight vigil was held tonight to honor local homeless people who died this year.

Texas A&M football players joined people from Twin City Mission to remember those lost lives tonight.

Names were read of local people who were helped by the mission and had lived there at some point.

After a moment of silence for those who passed, a prayer was said in their memory.

Players attending the vigil said they chose to attend to remember the lives lost and serve those who are still a part of Twin City.

"It was an emotional night because these people pour a lot of their time and their efforts into this mission, this mission field where they're trying to end homelessness. So I think it was an honor for those families to be remembered for the night but definitely a sad time as well," said Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight.

Texas A&M Football's Director of Player Development, Mikado Hinson says it important for the players to get the experience of serving their community.

"We think we're coming to be a blessing and hopefully our guys can be blessed in return. They can just connect with people and serve," said Hinson.

Thursday morning the Texas A&M football program is inviting people from Twin City Mission to come watch their practice as they prepare for the upcoming bowl game.