WINDSDAY: Another dose of Arctic air brings back the bluster

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BRYAN, Tex (KBTX) - What a nice, refreshing start to Tuesday! It was crisp, not too cold, not too windy...

And then there's tomorrow....

(mind you, without the snow).

Yep, it's about to get windy and COLD again.

Today will be breezy, then another "push" of Arctic air arrives in the form of a reinforcing front this evening. That may have your Mardi Gras plans end on a blustery note, especially if you'll be out late.

The wind will be howling come wake up time Ash Wednesday, with gusts up to 35mph, especially in the morning. It won't be bone-chilling by any means, but a cold, north wind will hit you right in the face as you step outside.

With sunshine, we should warm to about 50 degrees before Wednesday is done.

The plus side: High pressure sets up quickly as this low moves farther away from the Brazos Valley, and we'll see wind calm into the overnight. In the meantime, you may bring in some of the loose lawn furniture for the morning especially, and mind the wind while driving on the highway.

Calm wind, clear sky, and a dry airmass in place means we'll be even cooler Thursday morning. We're still on track for a light freeze, especially from Bryan / College Station northward.

Temps continue to climb back into the 60s, then 70s in time for the weekend.