Days before elections, 60 Waller County voting machines were drenched from a pipe burst

Published: Apr. 21, 2016 at 6:06 PM CDT
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With just days to go before Waller County residents will take to the polls, sixty voting machines were soaked after a pipe burst in the county courthouse.

Hempstead High School senior Carlos Orozco recently registered to vote and plans to cast his ballot next week.

"This is my first time, but I am expecting a good experience from it,” said Orozco.

However, a recent pipe burst in the county courthouse could alter it, after gallons of water drenched 60 voting machines. Waller County Election Administrator Daniel Teed said he rushed to the scene as soon as he heard about the incident.

"All I heard was water running, falling like crazy from the ceiling - and when I got in there and saw it I was like oh my goodness,” said Teed.

Each machine costs about $4,000. Now, they are airing out with hopes they will be up and running by Monday when Waller, Prairie View, Pattison, Katy, and Brookshire will vote on city leaders, taxes and school issues.

"We're not going to put anything on the field that doesn't work when we test it, but if there is a problem once it gets there we want to know about it,” said Teed.

"Once I vote, I don't want my thing to malfunction or my paper is wet. I want to make sure I can read it correctly. So, I can understand what I am voting for and who I am voting for,” said Orozco.

The city does have voting machines that remained dry, but they urge citizens to be alert.

"Be aware if you see any type of strange thing going on with the equipment - just like always, we would want to know about it, but especially in light of this event,” said Teed.

"I want to go in and make sure my vote counts just like everyone else,” said Orozco.

Early voting for city elections in Waller County begins Monday and runs through May 3rd Election Day is May 7th.