Ideas to help step up your home security

Published: Jan. 18, 2017 at 6:10 PM CST
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College Station police have arrested the woman they believe is responsible for three separate robberies Tuesday night.

Stacey Lynn Bradshaw, 30, is facing three counts of aggravated robbery. Bradshaw has nine other warrants out of Brazos County.

Police say they had to remove Bradshaw from an apartment before taking her into custody.

Bob Crouse lives near where those alleged robberies happened. He says he was unaware.

"Yeah, I am concerned. I lock my doors, but if they want in, they can bust in. I am the only one there,” said Crouse.

Some concerned resident might be looking to better secure their homes. News Three stopped by Home Depot, where Pete Parker showed us some of their home security products.

"If you are looking for something more functional, we do have window alarms, the door alarms, things that I know deter criminals,” said Parker.

The window lock was a more affordable product at $4.

Parker said there are other options like decoy security cameras and real ones. Both are hot items in the store.

"The Nest stuff is very popular. A lot of people come in and buy those things. Some of the imitation cameras are almost as popular,” said Parker.

Bailey Lindely also lives near where Tuesday's crimes took place. Lindely said she will not be looking to buy more home security items. Instead, she plans to make the most of what she has.

"We, luckily, have a security system built in right here. That might be something that we implement a little bit more now,” said Lindely.