Wednesday's Child: Isabella

Published: Dec. 6, 2017 at 11:27 AM CST
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She's only nine years old, but it's all "high-tens" for Isabella in the gymnastics studio. She's a cheerleader who packs power.

"I like doing competition," said Isabella. "I like showing my cheers in front of everybody. It feels good."

She's a scholar who studies hard.

"I like reading fiction and non-fiction books," Isabella said. "Especially chapter books--I like all kinds of stories."

And she's a girl who carries compassion.

"I want to talk to people about their feelings," said Isabella.

That's why Isabella wants to be a foster care caseworker when she grows up.

"We get to help kids that don't have a family," Isabella said. When asked why it was important to her to help kids, she replied, "Because someone helped me."

Isabella is living in foster care right now, searching for her forever home. She hasn't found her family yet, but when she does, she knows just how it'll sound.

"They could say 'I love you,'" said Isabella. "I would say the same thing."

If you're interested in adopting Isabella or any of our Wednesday's children, call Voices for Children at (979) 822-9700.