What next? Wrapping up the BCS Chamber's trip to Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KBTX) - The Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce's week in Washington has come to a close. Now, Chamber leaders say it's time to implement the connections that local leaders made with national policy-makers in the nation's capitol.

"I tell you what, there's a different kind of atmosphere up here," said BCS Chamber of Commerce president Glen Brewer. "Everything is on the table."

Brewer has been making this trip for years, but for some local elected officials, this kind of access to D.C. lawmakers is an entirely new experience.

"Being able to be a small part of that and share our thoughts about our community," said College Station Mayor Karl Mooney, "and the direction that we'd like to see our country going."

Chamber and city representatives have covered a range of topics.

"Fiscal responsibility, healthcare, regulatory reform," said Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson, "all things that are important to helping us grow our cities."

The BCS reps say these aren't just BCS issues, but American concerns--ones that Congress needs to hear.

"We live in the real world each and every day," said David O'Neil, chairman of the board for the BCS Chamber. "Not that they don't, but they live in a bubble here, and I really believe that our congressional leaders want to hear from us."

Chamber leaders promise that while the trip to D.C. may end, the advocacy for Bryan-College Station never will.

"We're going to hold them accountable," said Brewer. "We're going to keep track of what's going on. Stay in touch. And, of course, again, we're going to come back up next year and see what's happened."