What to do if your landlord isn't addressing a home health issue

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Mold in your walls? Water problems? Landlord not answering the phone?


You're not alone. These are issues some renters in the BCS area are facing.

While the Brazos County Health Department is not able to specifically address tenants' concerns in these situations, representative Mary Parrish says their staff is happy to help point you in the right direction in the name of good health.

"Read the terms of your lease--know what your landlord's responsibilities are," said Parrish. "Then, if you're really not getting a response, filing a lawsuit in small claims court is usually your best bet."

Parrish says tenants can also call the State Bar Association at (800) 204-2222 x 1800. There are also websites that can help. See the Related Links.