What is 'Bryan Midtown'? That's up to you

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - "Bryan Midtown" is a term the City of Bryan has begun using for an area of town. But where is it?

Well, that's partially up to you.

"It's between College Station and Downtown Bryan," said Daniel Hintz, part of the consulting him hired to put together a plan for Bryan Midtown. "And besides that, there's potential for the community to fill in their own definitions."

That's just one of the many pieces of feedback Hintz and his team want from residents. They also would like to know what you want "Bryan Midtown" to look like, whether it's restaurants, shopping centers, business parks, neighborhoods, or anything else.

"We'll be asking the big question: what is the midtown experience?" Hintz said. "What needs to happen in here? What needs to be kept sacred and safe?"

Residents have several ways to weigh in. You can go to the website (see Related Links) or even use social media to submit your thoughts and ideas. Simply tweet, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #BryanMidtown, and your post could join a stream on the website and be considered in the planning process.

"Go out and take pictures; send in ideas," said Hintz. We know what we know, that we want to create the most transparent and open process, but then the community can tell us what we don't know yet."

For the full conversation with Hintz and City of Bryan Assistant Director of Development Martin Zimmermann, see the video player above.