What’s going around? Heat rash causing itchy, red skin on summertime kids

What’s going around local doctors’ offices this time of year?

The unofficial start of summer feels more like its blistering peak in parts of the Deep South, where temperatures at or near 100 degrees are setting heat records during the Memorial Day weekend./Source: MGN

Heat rash, apparently.

Dr. Maria Soriano is a pediatrician at CHI St. Joseph Health. She joined First News at Four to discuss this common summertime affliction and how you can deal with it at home.

- Sometimes called ‘sweat rash’ or ‘prickly heat’
- Caused by a blockage of sweat glands due to excessive sweating or occlusive material
- Commonly affected areas include scalp, face, neck, chest, skin folds
- Most common causes are hot and humid environment, strenuous activity, fever, wearing multiple layers of clothing or applying thick lotion
- Treatment: minimize causes of sweating by cooling the environment, wearing light clothing, bathing daily, avoid applying thick moisturizers
- Don’t scratch! Apply cortisone cream if necessary
- See a doctor if the condition persists or becomes scratched or painful