Where Are They Now? Jeff Granger

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FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX) - Not many college athletes have the chance to compete on Kyle Field and Olsen Field, but in the early 90's, Jeff Granger did just that.

Jeff Granger got his start at Texas A&M in the fall of 1990. He played quarterback for the Aggies and you may remember his heroics against Texas Tech in 1992.

"We were down one or two points late in the fourth quarter. We were driving third and long. I almost got sacked, the guy was on my back and I slipped out of it and threw a first down pass to Greg Schorp and we ended up kicking a field goal to win that game," recalled Granger.

Granger was recruited as a football player, but walked on the baseball team. He remembers the first time he stepped on the mound for the Aggies.

"Coach Johnson asked me "Can you give me two innings?" "Can you give me three innings?" I said "Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir." I went out there and threw a complete game, so things fell into place," explained Granger.

He still holds the Southwest Conference record for number of strikeouts in a game. He threw 21 against Lubbock Christian and he's one of the winningest pitchers in A&M history.

Even though he loved playing football, he knew he had a choice to make.

"It was an easy decision. I was better at baseball than I was at football, even though I'm not saying I was bad, it was just I knew that was my route," said Granger.

Jeff was a first round pick in the 1993 draft, and was suddenly taking the mound against his idols.

"I'm rubbing the ball down and I look up and get my signs and Ken Griffey Jr. is in the box," said Granger.

He got Ken Griffey Jr. out by the way and continued to play professional baseball for eight years.

Now, he works as a private client advisor at J.P. Morgan in the Dallas area and loves spending time watching his kids compete.

"We travel the United States playing baseball. We used to travel playing volleyball. But that's what I do now. I fish and I do kids sports," said Granger.

Granger and his wife, Karen, have two kids. Their daughter Kaitlyn is currently finishing up her degree at the University of Texas at Arlington where she also played volleyball.

Their son, Jaret, is a senior in high school and is looking forward to playing college baseball.

Over the past three years, Granger has also helped develop a high school bass club fishing team around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.