Where Are They Now? 'The Real Deal' Reggie McNeal

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KATY, Tex. (KBTX) - The victory over the number one ranked Oklahoma Sooners Reggie McNeal's freshman year is still a sweet memory for 'The Real Deal'.

"A small town kid from Lufkin, Texas came off the bench. Probably had one of my best games. A lot of A&M fans still tell me to this day that's one of their favorite games, most exciting games they've ever seen," said McNeal.

His name is all over the Texas A&M record book. He's third when it comes to total career offense, but he's quick to say his team is what made his time at A&M special.

"The family part. I still have some of my buddies that I talk to. We will sit there and laugh, and talk about what we did back then, and how times have changed," said McNeal.

After college, Reggie played for the Cincinnati Bengals and then in the Canadian Football League before retiring in 2011.

His playing days may be over, but he's back on the field with a new passion.

"We had a whole session yesterday just talking about coverages. That's part of the game you have to know, so just the knowledge and being able to progress on the daily is my biggest thing with my boys," explained McNeal.

Reggie started Darts and Dimes, a quarterback and wide receiver academy in 2016. Now he spends most of his time coaching middle and high school athletes in the Houston area.

"You can't take a backseat. You've got to pay attention to detail. I tell them that all the time. Attention to detail, attention to detail, do the little things right consistently," said McNeal.

Reggie lives for the moments when young athletes make the connection.

"When you see that light hit, I take a deep breath and I am just like 'Thank you! You get it!' It's a relief for me," said McNeal.

His next big play, and the one he has been working for all along, is sharing the 'real deal' with a whole new generation.

"I got it so I can pass it on and that's major to me," said McNeal.

Reggie's long term goal with Darts and Dimes includes having an indoor training facility in the Katy area.