Where are they now? Merrill Green

Published: May. 10, 2017 at 12:24 PM CDT
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When it comes to people who've played a significant role in Bryan High Athletics, there's no doubt that Coach Merrill Green makes the short list.

"Time went on and time went on and we spent twenty years coaching here and they were just magical times for us," explained Green.

Coach Green took the reins of the Viking football program in 1972, a time when big changes were happening.

"That's when Kemp High School closed down and Stephen F. Austin closed down and they integrated the two high schools. That in itself was a very exciting time," said Green.

As the schools integrated, Coach Green went to work building his program. One of his favorite coaching memories comes from the 1982 season.

"I can't believe this. It's a great ball game for our kids and we have another one next week," Green told KBTX right after the Temple match up.

Temple had their number in years past, but in 1982 the Vikings shut them out 40 to nothing.

Coach Green led the Vikings for twenty years before retiring in 1992 with a final record of 197-82- 9.

"I'd probably do a few things differently. I probably thrown the ball one time when I should have run it and vice versa. But beyond that, I have no real regrets," said Green.

After retiring, he served 12 years on the Bryan I.S.D. Board of Trustees and is active in Rotary and his church.

"I always tell people that when you retire, there's two things that you have. You are very available and very cheap, so you really get an opportunity to serve on a lot of boards and opportunities to do things. I am thankful that I have those opportunities," said Green.

In 2008, Viking stadium was renamed in his honor.

"That's a real thrill. I've driven down Briarcrest many times. I am so uneasy about it being named after me, I kind of look away. But every once in awhile I peek over here just to make sure they haven't taken my name down," explained Green.

His impact is still far-reaching. In 2016, Randy Allen, who played and coached for Green took time to show his appreciation at the Pro Bowl.

"And just my great head coach who was the biggest impact in my life and the reason I got into coaching, Merrill Green," said Allen.

"I am sure he had some worthwhile things to say, but he chose to say something about his old coach. That was really exciting for a guy my age," said Green.

Although the Greens are enjoying their retirement, their Friday nights haven't slowed down much.

"No, oh no, we go every Friday night. We have a little routine as a lot of people would have and we really enjoy it," said Green.

When the Greens aren't busy cheering on Bryan and Rudder High Schools, they enjoy spending time with their three children and their eight grandchildren.

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