Where are they now? Acie Law

Published: Jan. 10, 2018 at 12:15 PM CST
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Acie Law played guard for Texas A&M from 2003 to 2007, a time where the team was on the rebound.

The team did not win a single conference game his freshman year, but by his sophomore year a new coach and system were in place.

"We started winning games immediately. We ended up going to the NIT, had some big conference wins, beat Texas, so we just kind of started believing in his philosophy," explained Law.

Fast forward to the Texas match up in 2006. It was a tied ball game with three seconds to play when Acie made the shot of his life.

"I remember being in the huddle and me telling coach, 'I want the ball. Let me make a play,' and him looking at me and is like 'no, no, no, we are going to go to Joe,'" recalled Law.

But Joe wasn't open, and Acie made history.

"That's something you dream of. I mean, I couldn't tell you how many times I've counted down in my head 3,2,1 and shot it on my own. I mean, that's the moment you live for and I am just fortunate enough that Chris decided to give me the opportunity instead of throwing it to Joe," said Law.

That shot may be a highlight, but by the time his senior year finished, Acie Law was conference player of the year, a Wooden award finalist, and an All-American. He was drafted to the NBA in the first round to the Atlanta Hawks.

"I remember doing it with my mom, at home in the living room, just acting like I'm getting drafted and putting a hat on. For it to finally happen and for my parents to still be alive and blessed to see that and her crying, outside of my children and getting married, it is one of the most precious moments that ever happened in my life," explained Acie.

After playing in the NBA, Acie found success playing overseas.

Now he's back with the NBA, but this time he's not taking the court.

"I am a basketball operations associate. That's my title. I get to still be around the game that's done so much for me and my family. I get to learn a new aspect, the business side," said Law.

Acie works in New York City, but always gets home to the Dallas area to spend time with family.

"Fridays, typically I work half a day and come home and try to make my kids' games. My son is in soccer and baseball. My daughter was in volleyball and soccer. I know how important that is. My dad and my mom were always at my games, so I try to do the same for them, make sure they see me in the stands cheering them on, and then I'm right back out Sunday night after the Cowboys play, heading back to New York," said Law.

His life may be busy, but it's filled with what he loves- his family, and this game that's taken him so far.