White nationalist Spencer speaks at Texas A&M

Published: Dec. 6, 2016 at 9:30 PM CST
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White nationalist Richard Spencer has spoken at the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University.

Spencer was invited to campus by a person who attended A&M and rented a room at the MSC. The university did not approve of the message, but allowed the speech to take place, citing the First Amendment.

The speech, which contained the usual elements of white nationalism, was interrupted on occasion, including multiple times by a person in clown attire, who Spencer fat-shamed. Spencer also made fun of the weight of a person wearing a "Beat the Hell Outta Hate" shirt and questioned the violent nature of the term Aggies regularly use in opposition to other schools' sports teams.

People in the crowd would occasionally hiss at Spencer. Aggies often hiss instead of booing, but Spencer jokingly stated the hisses were meant as a show of love. He also jokingly stated he was glad a group of people with a fist held in the air standing off to the side agreed with his message.

Some protesters appeared to move toward the stage during Spencer's speech. Some stepped in front of them, and Spencer asked them to sit down and talk with one another.

At one point during the question and answer session after Spencer's speech, a woman had the microphone debating Spencer for nearly five minutes. A person who appeared to be security grabbed the microphone and wrestled it away from the woman, who left.

There were some supporters of white nationalism who clapped during the speech and asked questions of Spencer, saying he had inspired them.

Spencer also signed a supporters' magazine with Donald Trump's image. Spencer held the magazine up, smiled and gave a thumbs up. He told the supporter that he was ecstatic with Trump's election to the presidency, but also said people need be willing to question Trump, make sure he's not just another Republican and that he fulfills his campaign promises.

Trump and his campaign have disavowed white nationalism.