Why the U.S. has banned Chinese 5G company Huawei--and the UK hasn't

The United States has banned Chinese tech company Huawei from building infrastructure, just as the United Kingdom has signed a deal to allow Huawei to have a significant part in establishing that nation’s 5G infrastructure.

Courtesy: MGN

The Trump Administration says the ban comes from much evidence that Huawei can be controlled by the Chinese government and potentially could be used for espionage.

“The concern is that use of Huawei technology would allow for backdoors into or malicious updates to be available to the Communist Chinese,” said Danny Davis, director of the Homeland Security Certificate program at the Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service. “Huawei cannot credibly guarantee it is independent from the Chinese government.”

As for the U.K., Davis says its leaders are perhaps in too deep at this point.

“Huawei is already embedded in British telecom infrastructure,” said Davis. “Some advisors believe choosing another alternative, which there are a lack of, would be extremely costly and would take a massive year-long project.”

Davis says, based on Huawei’s history and connection to the Chinese government, the U.S. ban is more than appropriate: it’s necessary.

“An example of spying by the company can be seen in the recent arrest for spying of a Huawei employee in Poland,” Davis said. “Other indications include the US bringing criminal charges against Huawei’s CFO [for evading sanctions and doing business with Iran].”

See the video player above for the full conversation with Davis.