Will the Boeing 737 Max grounding delay your flight plans?

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) – The Federal Aviation Agency is advising passengers to check with their airline before heading out for their next flight.

Wednesday the federal group ordered the grounding of all Boeing 737 Max planes. It's caused some delays across the country as airlines find different planes to complete scheduled flights.

According to the FAA, the move to ground the jets came after it found similarities during the investigation of deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Officials say the evidence suggests the aircraft is unsafe.

Planes that were already in the air when the announcement was made were allowed to travel to their final destinations.

Officials at Easterwood Airport say there will be little to no disruption for passengers.

"We did have one this morning that was canceled, but from here on out, all of our flights are expected to come in on time,” said Jeffrey Shaw, Communications and Marketing Manager at Easterwood Airport.

Shaw said the cancellation had nothing to do with Wednesday's decision.

"That was due to weather in Dallas,” said Shaw.

In Houston, United Airlines, which has 14 Max jets in their fleet, says they aren't seeing many delays.

"It’s good to give some time to figure out what’s going on with the planes, so if there is a big problem with all of them then future disasters can be prevented,” said Anita Sumali, a passenger.

Easterwood doesn't operate the grounded Boeing jets when they connect passengers to Houston or Dallas.

"We fly smaller passenger jets,” said Shaw.

United Airlines says they are sharing data about the Max jet with the FAA as they continue their investigation.

Right now it’s unclear how long the jets will be grounded.