Winter cold? Could be your Christmas decorations aggravating your allergies

Whether dust or pollen, your decorations could be wreaking havoc on your sinuses.

Photo: Pixabay

Dr. Kathryn Greiner, family practice physician at Baylor Scott & White Health, says your winter cold may not be a cold at all, but allergies caused by a number of things.

"If your decorations have been sitting in the attic all year, they're just collecting dust," said Dr. Greiner. "When you take them down, don't have the fan on, and use whatever dust cleaning method you prefer to wipe down the piece before you set it out."

Dr. Greiner says there are issues with the real green stuff, too. You or your family's allergies to certain flora could be triggered by indoor decorations that came from outside.

"Pop an antihistamine and see if the problem persists," said Dr. Greiner. However, she makes clear that if someone in the household has asthma, quicker action should be taken and a trip to the doctor should be considered.

"Monitor the symptoms closely," said Dr. Greiner.

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