Winter is Coming to a Game of Thrones inspired ice hotel

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In trending news this morning, a European ice hotel takes you to Westeros, Amazon is launching a new monthly subscription box, and Nike kicks are going to the gamers.

First up, winter is coming and for one Game of Thrones themed hotel, it's already here! The hotel opened in Europe and it's made entirely out of ice. The Snow Village consists of a snow hotel, with snow rooms and suites, ice restaurant, ice bar and ice chapel.

Ice and snow sculptures include a life sized iron throne with swords guarded by the Mountain, the Braavosi hall of faces, an icy dragon slide and a white walker with glowing blue eyes. But heads up, the manager of Lapland Hotels' 'Snow Village' says guests should only stay one night due to below-zero temperatures.

Also trending, monthly gift-boxes are all the craze and these days a popular way of surprising your mom or even your pet. But here's one you might want to order just for yourself.

Amazon is offering an Oreo of the month subscription box. Each month you'll get a special gift box with an Oreo inspired gift, recipes, and even special Oreo flavors. A 12-month subscription costs just under $240, which works out to about $19.99 per month.

Lastly, PlayStation is the inspiration for Nike's newest basketball shoe. The "PG2 PlayStation" colorway sneakers were unveiled on Saturday. Nike, Sony PlayStation and NBA all-star Paul George teamed up to create the custom pair--as a tribute to George's love of gaming.

The Oklahoma City Thunder small forward debuted the shoes against the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday. The shoe design screams with PlayStation themes, starting with illuminating logos on the tongues that pulse when you press them. The limited edition sneakers will be available in stores on February 10th, with the price tag of a little over $100.