Winter shenanigans include a giant crab made of snow

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In trending news this morning, a penguin makes a surprise visit on a research boat, Minnesota men build an 18-foot-tall snow sculpture, and a Louisiana man ice skates down his sidewalk.

First up, three Minnesota brothers have debuted their annual giant snow creation. This year's creature is a giant crab with an 18-foot-tall tail.

It's the brothers' seventh snow sculpture. They let a Facebook poll decide the crab's name. The winning name was Diggs, named after Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Also trending, cute penguins made surprise visits to a research boat in Antarctica Wednesday. Matt McKay, an expeditioner of an Australian Antarctic Program, captured the moment of a penguin popping onto a research boat when the team was collecting water samples for a research project in Newcomb Bay. A total of eight curious penguins dropped in to check the team's work on that day.

Lastly, a Louisiana man woke up to icy conditions outside his New Orleans area home yesterday morning. He decided to bust out his old hockey skates and have a bit of fun. His wife filmed the silly moment as he skated up and down the sidewalk.