Wolf sanctuary moving to Brazos Valley

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 11:18 PM CST
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A non-profit group that rescues wolves and wolf dogs will move its sanctuary to Grimes County.

The Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary in Montgomery tells News Three's Haley Vyrostek the goal is to grow into a space that allows them to help more of the animals that are no longer able to be released into the wild.

"A lot of these animals were owned as a private pet or at least attempted to be owned as a pet so they're missing out on that core understanding of how the world works," said sanctuary Co-Curator Richard Biggs. "So if they were released out into the wild they wouldn't understand how to hunt, how to survive, how to work as a pack and they would not survive it," he said.

At the sanctuary that opened in 2002, curators like Biggs have been working on a daily basis to take care of the pack.

"We make sure to stay on top of the latest research that's going on with the species, try to give them to most accurate meals, the proper amount of food, the love and care that they need," said Biggs.

He says they're the largest wolf sanctuary in the state, but that they're about to get a lot bigger. This June, they're moving to the Brazos Valley.

"We want to grow our facility and make it bigger and better for the animals and that's why it's so detrimental that we move to a new area, in this case, Grimes County where we're moving onto 15 acres of land. That's five times than our current size," said Biggs.

He says through donations, they've received enough money to secure a location between Navasota and Plantersville on Pavlock road south of the Stonham community. This sanctuary will be large enough to dramatically expand the size of their enclosures and capacity.

"They most definitely don't have everything they want so if we can make the lives of our animals better, of course, we want to do that, however when our max capacity goes from 14 to 48 that means not only can we give our animals a happier life, but we can give more animals a happier life," said Biggs.

Phase one of the new sanctuary has already been funded. They're now raising money to fund Phase two.

If you would like to donate or learn more about The Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, see the related links section.