Missing dog found after she was stolen from car in Walmart parking lot

Published: Apr. 30, 2018 at 6:02 PM CDT
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UPDATE: The dog Minnie has been found, and was safely brought back home to her mother. Hamm would like to thank everyone who kept a lookout for her pooch.

A dog owner's nightmare happened Sunday night at the Walmart on Harvey Mitchell Parkway in Bryan. A woman's vehicle and two dogs were gone when she came out of the store to buy one of her pets medications.

Bryan resident Lacey Hamm pulled into the Walmart parking lot around 8:30 pm Sunday. She was getting medications for one of her dogs that she said used to be a stray.

"Eight minutes, maybe not even that long," said Hamm, when asked how long she was in the store. "I'm walking up to the parking spot where I was parked. I was looking around and they were gone."

Hamm entered the Walmart with her grandmother, and left the two dogs in the vehicle while the vehicle was still running.

"I couldn't leave my dogs in a hot car. I could have simply cracked the windows but that is animal abuse," said Hamm. "I shouldn't have left them in the car but my baby needed some de-wormer and I was looking to take care of him."

Two hours later, Bryan police arrested two people driving around in the Hamm's Black Nissan. Officers's arrested Tyshekia Henderson and Tamara Jones at the Stripes convenience store and gas station on College Avenue, both are being charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Bryan police returned the car to Hamm but she says the vehicle was trashed, and smells like drugs. She also got back many of her belongings, debit card, and social security card. Henderson and Jones were also arrested for varying theft charges and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police said they sold one of the dogs to buy drugs.

That dog was returned home, but the other is still missing. The suspects tell police the dog jumped out of the car when they stole it.

"If someone happens to find her she does love belly rubs a lot," said Hamm. "I'd give this car away just to have her back in my arms."

Hamm's missing dog is a chihuahua named Minnie. Minnie is not friendly with kids, and will nip if threatened she was last seen wearing a grey snuggle bunny t-shirt. Hamm is offering a $100 reward. If you have any contact information, Hamm urges you to contact her directly at 979-412-9312.