Astros fan steals Dodgers home run ball from sister-in-law, throws back on field

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Trending this morning, video from Sunday night's game 5 of the World Series shows an Astros fan stealing a Dodgers home run ball from his sister-in-law and tossing it back onto the field. Also, the new iPhone 10 will cost a lot more to repair.

First, if you went to bed before the end of game 5, you may have missed one of the most talked about fan moments of the World Series.

During the top of 9th inning, Dodgers Yasiel Puig hit a 2 run home run and a woman in the crowd caught the ball. As she was holding the ball up in the air, an angry man seated two seats over grabbed it and threw it back on field.

The incident exploded on social media, and it turns out, the angry man is actually the woman's brother-in-law. She said she would've liked to have thrown it back herself, but there's no bad blood between them.

Another video going viral following last night's game, a pretty perfect father son moment.

Bush 41 came out to throw the first pitch for Game 5. He gets a loud response from the crowd but then he brought in his son, George W. to actually step up to the mound and toss that first pitch. 44 tossed the ball with some expected flair.

Finally, if you're thinking of getting the iPhone 10, know that repairing the majority glass phone will be expensive too! According to Apple's website fixing a broken screen on the iPhone 10 will set you back $275, nearly $100 more than an iPhone 8 Plus repair.

That price comes down if you've purchased AppleCare, the extended warranty program, but even that is changing. It will only cover two instances of accidental damage. A third time will raise your repair costs significantly.

iPhone 10 is Apple's most expensive phone ever. It boasts an all-glass display and all-glass back. It sells for about a $1,000 and hits store shelves on November 3.