Wreaths Across America honors local fallen heroes

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- In honor of Memorial Day, Wreaths Across America placed more than one million flags at fallen veterans gravesites nationwide Saturday.

Here in Brazos County, a local chapter helped place nearly 1,600.

Mary Shearer has been involved in Wreaths of America ever since it came to the Brazos Valley in 2015, and feels like honoring these fallen veterans is her way of serving.

"They served they defended they made us the country we are today,” says Shearer.

Shearer says her father served in World War II, and honoring heroes this way was a natural fit.

Wreaths Across America, helps her do that.

"All of these veterans that some of which I remember from my childhood. They were somebodies dad. Their service meant an awful lot not only to the Brazos Valley but to our country as well,” Shearer says.

Benito Vallejo, a former Marine who has lived in the Brazos Valley his whole life, says that it’s important to honor men and women nationwide who lost their lives defending our country.

"We live in this free country because somebody put their names and their lives on the line for us,” says Vallejo.

By placing flags at these gravesites, Wreaths Across America helps make sure that these heroes are remembered, honored, and make sure their legacy of sacrifice lives on.

"We are honoring those how have served that have defended our county they have helped keep me and mine safe and it means a lot,” says Shearer.

Wreaths Across America honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and in December for National Wreaths Across America Day.

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