Wright Response: December 7, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - It was an incredibly busy, yet rewarding day yesterday – throughout the Brazos Valley – as people turned out in record numbers for the annual KBTX Food for Families Food Drive.

The most heart-warming part of this event, is to see how many who once used the Food Bank as a resource, now are on their feet – and drive through to make donations with groceries and often cash.

And for what you did yesterday in responding to the need, KBTX and the hundreds of volunteers who make this event special, we humbly thank you. It is through moments like those we experienced yesterday – that remind us that though we have differences, for that one day – the true heart in caring for each other – shines through…and taking care of each other, is really all that matters.

Don't know if you've noticed, but we are living in a very volatile political climate. Somehow, in this society, social media, or "un-social media" as it SHOULD be called, has assisted in turning many reasonable, well-meaning people, into monsters with a keyboard. That isn't the case with this next e-mail, but I suspect we will hear those who pile on with respect the note I'm about to share, and that's OK with me.

We are a country that was founded on a variety of opinions and beliefs. Look – if we were all meant to think alike there wouldn't be hundreds of churches within a 30-mile radius of Bryan-College Station – there would be ONE – but there isn't, there are variations on a theme. When we air stories of a political nature, there is room for interpretation. D-G sent in this well-written note:

"Again, it is obvious that you report what the national media does and do not investigate or vet your stories before they are released. Example is the report about the Washington Post "sting". Instead of pouncing on the sting organization, the story would have had a better impact if it focused on the WP verifying the story and finding it not valid, did not publish. This would have showcased WP journalism ethics. What came across was another "smear" story. Also - Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona is tweeting that President Donald Trump's "politicizing" of a ceremony honoring Native American veterans was "an insult to their sacrifice." 1. Sen. John McCain is Republican by name only. 2. Pocahontas was truly an ambassador for American people to England. 3. Pres. Trump is representative of the silent majority of America (that is why he was elected). We want him respected and positive reports about what he is doing and results that are resulting, ie: stock market, small businesses, production of American products...Thank you."

I thank D-G for being in touch, and you are right. We aren't in a position to do a lot of investigating related to a story that comes from CBS, The Washington Post, Associated Press or any other source from which we receive news. Fortunately for this station, we receive e-mail accusing us –and in particularly me – of being too blinded by the conservative agenda to give the other side a chance. In other words, we're attacked from both sides.

Do we learn from all input? Absolutely, and D-G, thanks for being in touch without threatening KBTX or me personally. It has happened, and from people I held in high regard – and still do – but without a connection on social media like facebook or other platforms – because they deleted me. It happens.

Be in touch with your opinions and thoughts anytime – communication these days seems needed more than ever. Your opinions do matter to this family of KBTX News 3.