Wright Response: November 30, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Enough of saying kind words and thanking people for what they do, the e-mails are stacking up with people just being angry, and sometimes, well – too mean to even mention here.

This topic comes up now and then, game selections for NFL football. Just never ceases to amaze me why people don't ask first without assuming. J-P writes:

"Why didn't y'all carry the Texans this Sunday? I honestly believe that channel 3 is the sorriest news channel in the state of Texas."

Why didn't we carry the Texans? It wasn't a CBS game! It was a Fox game! We didn't have the option! Fox, which in this market is 100% based out of Waco, opted for Washington and New Orleans. That wasn't my goat. And regarding the "sorriest news channel in the state" comment – when KBTX is the only one in town with a local news presence 24/7, we're under constant scrutiny. And that's OK.

D-W sends this note:
"How many of y'all have been asked to have dinner at the White House? Texas A&M national championship track team is having dinner at the White House on Friday I'm sure we will hear that on your station? No, probably after they have had dinner at the White House? No! It won't happen with you people! I grew up with KTBX. But y'all have gone Lame."

Sometimes, we rely on tips from viewers and we follow-up on a story. Such was the case with this. Our sports department has an incredibly good relationship with A&M Athletics. It wasn't something the University made a big deal of, but we got the info. And sometimes, and this is what I don't get – information like this from D-W is not correct, yet we get attacked! It was Equestrian AND Track. And why didn't we report they were planning to have dinner at the White House? Because they didn't! "Dinner" wasn't part of the deal. We love our Aggies, but head Equestrian Coach Tana McKay and Pat Henry with Track aren't Queen Elizabeth and Benjamin Netanyahu, that's who usually goes to dinner there. Not to say it couldn't happen, but – good grief. We've gone lame because we didn't report on something that isn't true. We do thank A&M for the pictures they provided of the meet and greet at The White House.

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