Xplained: Former Texas A&M President Robert Gates

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In late 2006, the 22nd president of Texas A&M was chosen to become the 22nd Secretary of Defense.

Robert Gates wrote a letter to the Aggie Family right after the announcement. Part of it, referring to Aggies read, "Never forget who we are and where we came from. Never forget the Aggie Code of Honor. And never forget the obligations of duty and honor and country."

The man who didn't graduate from A&M but felt so much a part of it cited his work on the expansion of A&M's faculty, new degree programs, greater diversity, billions in construction, and an athletics program on an upward path. For all those reasons and more, Gates is still revered by many in Aggieland coming up on a decade since he left College Station for Washington, DC.

In this edition of KBTX's Xplained podcast, Gates discusses his latest book, "A Passion For Leadership," which goes through many of the lessons he learned through leading at A&M, the Pentagon and the CIA. He discusses why he wrote the book, his strong feelings about public service, how much he keeps up with the university he used to lead, whether he could have accomplished more had Rick Perry -- a man who he says opposed his presidency -- not been governor, the influence George H.W. Bush's library had on A&M's history, and whether he could see himself in a role at the university in the future.

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Xplained: Former Texas A&M President Robert Gates