Racist robocall defends murder suspect who intervened in hit-and-run

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (WGCL/CNN) - One suburban Atlanta man wants something done about a racist robocall he recently received.

The robocall paid for by a white supremacist group, calls for the freedom on Hanna Payne. (Source: WGCL/CNN VAN)

The message originated from a white supremacist group.

"This has to be dealt with," said Brad Sanders, who received the call.

“On May 8, a 21-year-old white American - Hanna Payne - tried to hold a male negro accountable to the standard of actual humans," the call said.

The call Sanders received refers to the arrest of Hanna Payne, a white woman who is accused of fatally shooting a black man after she said he left the scene of an accident last week.

The call claims she shouldn't be cast as a criminal.

"In fact, it was the Negro. Negroes aren't American,” the call said. “They aren't even fully human. Time to send them all to Africa."

"They foment racism, they foment racist attitudes and more importantly, racist behavior," Sanders said.

An investigation found the call originated from a white supremacist group called The Road to Power, known for sending other racist robocalls.

“Tell the district attorney of Clayton County, Ga., free Hanna Payne.
This message paid for by theroadtopower.com,” the robocall said.

"What astonishes me is that they really think people, or that many people, are really that stupid,” Sanders said. “I called the FCC and they weren't worth two dead flies mashed. All they could do is tell me what they couldn't do."

The group responsible for the call did not return comment for this story.

It is believed the Idaho-based group is now be operating out of Montana.

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