Local company conducting testing for possible COVID-19 vaccines

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 3:41 PM CDT
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iBio, a plant-based biologics manufacturing company in Bryan, has been working to create a vaccine for COVID-19 since February. The company announced last week that they have filed four patent applications of vaccines.

The company still has to do three phases of thorough testing, but iBio explained said they feel incredibly confident with these candidates.

"We've been able to produce very interesting candidates for the COVID-19 disease using our FastPharming technology to manufacture vaccine particles," said iBio CEO Tom Isett.

"There are dozens of companies that are working in this area," said Isett. "Our biggest advantage is we can scale all that up and make millions of doses and have that large-scale production of product look just like the small scale research quantities and be able to do it very efficiently and effectively."

Isett said it could anywhere from 12-18 months to get a vaccine tested and approved by the FDA, but if they're successful in the lab, they could produce it at rapid, safe rates.

"If we're successful in the clinic, the scalability of this system is such that we'd be in a great position to be able to address the vaccine needs in the US for sure and maybe beyond," said Isett.

iBio created its virus-like-particle in just a few weeks using its FastPharming System.

"We've just got such brilliant, terrific scientists and engineers at our Bryan, Texas facility that are making all of this go," said Isett.

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