New sneaker line by Lululemon offers three pairs of kicks

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In about one week we will shift our attention from the Thanksgiving dinner menu to the holiday shopping lists. In trending news this morning, we're taking a look at something new for the athletic woman in your life and a list of toys you won't want to buy blindly.

First up, the queen of the yoga pant is kicking off a new shoe in its collection. Lululemon is out with its first ever sneaker collaboration, designed in partnership with Athletic Propulsion Labs.

There are three styles being created. One is black and made with reflective yarn. The second is a dusty pink shade called Cinder Rose. Then there's Black Ombre. A pair will cost you at least $150.

The co-designed shoes are available starting today and mark the next stage in a collaboration that was first reported in August, when Lululemon began selling APL sneakers in 23 of its stores. With the latest launch, the company will expand its offerings and roll out the footwear in more locations.

Also trending, World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) unveiled its annual list of worst toys for the holidays Tuesday at a Boston children's hospital. Fidget spinners pose a choking hazard, Mattel's Wonder Woman sword can cause injuries, and the blades of Marvel's Spider-Man drone rotate rapidly - which could lead to eye and other bodily harm.

Other toys on the list included Razor's 'Heel Wheels,' -- these pose a burn risk because they include 'real sparking action.' And Nerf's 'Zombie Strike' crossbow was mentioned due to its pressurized level that shoots projectiles. This may cause eye, facial, and other injuries.