ofo looking at new fee for rides outside of service area

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The ofo bike sharing company is looking at a new fee when bikes go out of the established service area around Texas A&M University.

Some residents in the area say the ofo bikes need tighter restrictions after they've ended up in unusual places. Along Fairway Drive in Bryan, neighbors say the rental bikes are causing problems. One of the yellow rental bikes is sitting on a rooftop.

"Yeah, it's a joke but and I'll be honest when we first saw it we thought it was funny, but the joke's over," said neighbor Candace Scott.

Scott says says she reported an ofo bike on the roof next door to the company, but it's been there for two weeks.

"Somebody's gotta go up there and get that bicycle. I imagine ofo doesn't want to risk their employees going up there and chance falling off or damaging the roof," she said.

Right now, the company has 2,500 yellow bikes in the College Station area with plans to add up to 500 more. College Station city staff said the company is considering a fee for rides outside the service area. The ofo app says they're adding a $5 fee for rides that go beyond geo-fence area where they're supposed to be used.

Scott thinks the company should consider incentives for returning or finding the bikes.

"I would think they could determine who the last person was that rented it and possibly get them to remove it. I'm sure they're going to say I left it at the corner," said Scott.

"I think if it was handled immediately, it wouldn't become a problem. Now, it's a problem," she said.

Other residents said they've not noticed problems with them, but do think students need to be mindful where they are leaving them. We've reached out to ofo for a response. We'll update this story with their response.