Chocolate Truffles


½ lb Chocolate (semi-sweet) chips or cube block
½ cup heavy cream
1.5 oz butter unsalted room temperature
1 Tbl flavoring (liqueur [orange, coffee, hazelnut] or vanilla)


In saucepan, heat cream to just before the boiling point. Add choc chips and remove from heat. Stir until all chocolate is melted. If chocolate does not completely melt, replace on heat for a few seconds until all is evenly melted, being careful not to burn the chocolate as it settles to the bottom. Stir in whole butter and flavoring. Refrigerate in shallow pan until firm and cold.

Truffle Preparation:

Melt some chocolate over steaming water (or double boiler) for coating. About ½ pound total of white or dark will do. You may melt more as necessary.

Have toppings of your choice ready such as Chopped pistachios, almonds, walnuts or pecans. Coconut, Cocoa powder…the possibilities are endless. You may also want to have additional fillings ready such as maraschino cherries that have soaked in brandy, toffee, raspberries, candied walnuts or pralines. All of these would be great.

Have some powdered sugar on hand for dusting your hands while rolling the truffles.

Scoop out the entire cold chocolate truffle filling into small balls with small ice cream scoop or tablespoon. Should make about 20 pcs.

Dust your hands with powdered sugar and form nice round balls. If you wish to fill the truffles, cut one of the balls in half, form an indention in both halves, insert your filling, i.e. brandied cherry and seal the ball back with your fingers.

Dip the formed balls into the slightly cool but melted chocolate and let stand on cookie rack to let the excess chocolate drip away. After the chocolate coating dries slightly…about 30 seconds, you may roll it in the topping of your choice. You may also let the chocolate dry fully and then dip it again in chocolate. You may repeat this process again and again for a pure chocolate coating as thick as you would like. Keep truffles cool, especially the ones with pure chocolate coating, as they will melt to the touch. Take
truffles out of refrigeration about a half hour before you are ready to serve, as they taste better at room temperature. Good Luck and have fun!