White Chocolate Bread Pudding


  • 1 ea Loaf firm white bread (not squishy white like Mrs. Baird’s). I used Pepperidge Farm Sweet Buttermilk Bread
  • 1 qt Heavy cream
  • 8 ea X-large eggs
  • White Chocolate (about ½ #) chopped into ¼ pieces
    Sugar (about 1 cup)
  • Whole butter, softened (start with 1#, you won’t use it all)

  • Directions

    Butter sides and bottom of 9”x 13” baking dish. Cut off all the crusts and butter both sides of bread. Place bread pieces in bottom of baking dish sprinkle with sugar and white chocolate. Add more bread and repeat steps. Do not add sugar to top layer so that the chocolate does not burn. Beat eggs until well mixed but not foamy. Add cream and mix. Pour egg mixture all over bread until completely absorbed. You may need to press down the bread with your hands once or twice during the process, especially at the beginning if the bread is over the baking dish’s edge. Place in 350-degree oven until golden brown on top and egg mixture is cooked in the middle, about 35 mins. Serve warm or room temperature with bird’s custard (English powdered custard mix available at some grocery stores that carry imported products) or sauce anglaise/ aka custard sauce (from a previous show-recipe also available on website).

    Serves 12 –15