Charred Salsa


6 ea Tomatoes, Roma whole
1.5ea Onion, medium size, cut in half
4ea Serrano peppers, stem removed
6ea Garlic cloves
¼ bunch Cilantro
tt Salt and Pepper


On a high heat grill, char tomatoes, onion and serranos until the skin on the tomatoes are mostly black. Put the garlic on a piece of foil and try to get a little charring on them too. Do not over cook the garlic or other vegetables. They should still be raw on the inside. In a blender, place all ingredients including the cilantro. Puree until well blended but not totally liquefied. Leave some small pieces for texture. It should not be all one color. You should see some charred skin, peppers and cilantro drifting around. Season with salt and pepper. Serve cold. Try mixing this salsa with sour cream for a great dip or sour cream and a touch of mayonnaise for a great salad dressing.