Crepes Suzette


For mixture:

- ½ cup of clarified butter (1 stick melted)

- ½ cup of sugar

- 1½ cups of flour

- Pinch of salt

- 3 Eggs,

- 1 tsp of Vegetable Oil

- 2 cups of Milk

- 1 Tbsp of Rum or Grand Marnier (Optional)

- 1 Lemon (zest finely grated)

For sauce:

- 5 navel oranges (juiced)

- 1 Tbsp of brown sugar

- 2 Tbsp of orange liqueur (such as Grand Marnier)

- 2 Tbsp of Brandy

- 6 Navel Oranges (peeled and sectioned)

- 1 Orange Zested

- Basic Dessert Crepes


Crepes Procedure:

1. Use a blender to mix all ingredients together. Blend until mixed well, about 30 seconds.

2. Heat the crepe pan over medium heat for about a minute. Drizzle the surface of the pan with clarified butter until it gets sizzling hot.

3. Ladle some batter onto the middle of the pan and immediately start swirling the pan to distribute the batter over the surface. Pour the batter so that it’s very thin on the pan and remember to move the pan, not the ladle.

4. Cook the crepe for about 30-60 seconds (heat may vary) or until it’s brown around the edge and dry in the center. Using a thin spatula, flip the crepe quickly and cook it about 15 seconds.

5. Using the spatula, remove the crepe to a warm plate. Repeat with remaining batter. (After the first few crepes, you shouldn’t have to add more butter to the pan).

Sauce Procedure:

1. In a large skillet over high heat, bring the orange juice to a boil. Add the sugar, reduce to medium heat and simmer for 2 minutes.

2. Add the orange liqueur and orange sections add remaining ingredients

3. Working in batches, gently place a crepe into the pan holding the orange juice and orange sections. Leave for 1 minute to absorb some juice.

4. Using a narrow spatula, remove the crepe to a warm serving plate. Spoon on some orange sections. Top with whipped cream and serve immediately.